Happy 20th Birthday Banner!

In this inaugural post for the Real Content Network, I found it relevant to pay praise to the sturdy ad banner – the default ad unit that has powered (and failed) thousands of startups, and still serves today as the engine behind most brand and performance online campaigns.

Last year in Canada, out of the approximately $3.5B in digital marketing revenues generated (Report Here – source: IAB), nearly $1B was driven by banners and sponsored web/mobile web promotions, down over 6% from the year before and expected to fall even further… or perhaps not.

The native ad market is not yet quantified in the report but a portion of those banner ads is comprised of various native campaigns.  As native advertising picks up momentum and more Canadian publishers develop the capabilities to plan, develop and distribute native formats, we expect revenues to actual increase. Should native be lumped together with the banner ad grouping, then it is possible that revenues increase in the coming years.

And now, in tribute to the industrious Banner Ad.. Adage published this great piece recently celebrating 20 years of history.  Hope and happy b-day banner!



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