Real Content. Powerful Techology.

We provide engaging content generation solutions that you can deploy, manage and monetize with ease.

Drive More Visits

Our video recommendation units drive clicks to more pages on your site and maximizes every session to your site.

Increase Engagement

Deliver engaging content increases time on page, ad unit viewability, and enhances the overall user experience.

Maximize Yield

Combining engaging content units with premium demand ensures higher viewability, and delivers incremental revenues.

Engage With Video

Engage With A Custom Quiz Microsite

Drive exceptional revenues and delight users with a fully branded quiz microsite.  Our powerful content management and monetization platform can deliver curated quizzes, a tailored user experience, and superior engagement.

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Engage With Content Widgets

Deliver up to date, contextually relevant content through an array of IAB standard widgets, all backed by premium demand.  With higher engagement, comes superiors yields.

  • Trivia and Surveys

  • Fast Facts

  • Did You Know

  • On This Day

  • Local Weather

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A Complete Publisher Solution

Full Featured - Fully Managed

One Simple Tag

Javascript tag can be deployed via header, on page, or through your ad server of choice.

Deploy Anywhere

Mobile or desktop, covering all geos.

Reporting and Analytics

Get deep engagement metrics broken down by site, placement, date and more.

Self Service Interface

Generate reports on your own, or schedule daily or weekly reports delivered to you inbox.

Managed Service

Let our team do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on your operation.

Dedicated Support

Get the white glove treatment so you can focus on the things that matter most.

Video Ad Server

Leverage the RCN video ad server at competitive rates

All your favourite video formats

Formats including pre/mid/post roll, in-stream, out-stream, in-banner, mobile, sliders and more.

Maximize yield

Optimized video and ad delivery, powered by our premium demand partners

Our demand, or provide your own

Leverage your own team and deliver video or display using our powerful content suite.

Fully Customizable

Microsites, ad units and video players will be custom tailored to your sites look and feel

A complete native content solution

Your audience will feel right at home, with enticing and engaging new content each day.